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Sunday with Sarah Bianco

For this edition of ‘Behind the Book Art’ post series, we interviewed California based artist Sarah Bianco, who created the playful art for ‘Sunday with Dad’ book. It only seemed appropriate to publish her answers on… Sunday. We hope you enjoy reading this post as much as we do!


1. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm Sarah Bianco, originally from the Chicago area, I've lived in Santa Cruz, CA since 1998 and graduated from UCSC with a BFA in Drawing and Painting. I've always loved making art since I was a child, and although I was not exposed to art or even knew what an artist did as a profession, when anyone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always say, an artist!  So, as I'm still trying to grow up, I continue to hold that childlike mystery and wonder that runs throughout my artwork.  When I'm not having fun in my studio, I am working on painting houses as a profession and specialize in decorative painting and murals. I also enjoy hiking in the beautiful forests and beaches and playing with my newest love, my puppy Leela. 'Sunday with Dad'  was the first book that I've ever illustrated.

2. How did you meet Vlada, Muthu, Eira and Emilee?

I live at a very cool artist community called the Tannery Arts Center, where I rent an apartment and separate art studio/gallery. Vlada and her family were hosting a group of Slovak artists at their home in the mountains, and were looking for a gallery space to show the final works from the residency. She inquired at the Tannery, and was referred to me. The show was very successful, and I ended up doing other projects for their family, including this book.

"This book project allowed me to bring in playful elements of my work while collaborating with Eira's drawings. Her story, high energy and unique style were the inspiration for my illustrations."

3. What was it like to collaborate with Eira?

Eira was great to work with!  She was very open and willing to participate in the project and she was very patient with me as I needed to take many photos of her doing many activities! Also she gave her input on design choices as the paintings were being developed, and overall was impressive with the level of maturity that she maintained throughout the whole process.

4. What is your favorite part of ‘Sunday with Dad’ story?

I loved the cartwheel page the best! Also I liked how the flow of Eira's energy is captured throughout the book. 5. Are you working on any show or a project you would like to share? Where can people see your art?

I am continuously building upon a series of paintings where I use my well used drop cloths, from my house painting jobs, as the background for my illustrative abstract landscapes. I'm also currently in the process of finishing an ongoing mural at the Tannery, where I've collaborated with the kids of the community.


Born and raised in the midwest, Sarah moved to California and graduated from UCSC, obtaining a BFA with an emphasis in drawing and painting. She lives and works at the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz, CA. Her paintings have evolved over time from purely abstract, dreamlike landscapes to incorporating the figure in motion within these scenes. Learn more about Sarah on her websites here and here.

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