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Eira and her dad explore friendships between a growing redwood tree and other creatures which include the hungry banana slug, the brave bushy fern, the noisy oak tree among others. The redwood learns from its friends but outgrows them. Eira finds a way to bring the friendships back. 




“It is a perfect gift to a child of any age.” 

- Snejana, a customer review


"We bought this book for our friend and her two year old son, and this became his most beloved bedtime story. Each loved the book for a different reason, the boy, for the beautiful story and pictures in which he kept discovering secret, hidden things; and the Mom for the story, the creativity, and the art."

- Dan and Tal, a customer review

“The story is simple enough for children to follow and at the same time is captivating for adults with its wider message.”

- a customer review


"This is a lovely book that gives a shining and evocative account about the magic of friendship through the eyes of a discerning child - and offers us a brief glimpse back to our youth when friendships were wonderous affairs."

- Alex Z., a customer review


“It was wonderful to work with Eira, Emilee, and their family. This project really pushed me creatively because there were so many characters and ideas to include on each page.” 
- Alexis Kandra, an artist behind the book art in this story

The Redwood Tree and Its Friends

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