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A family of pigeons living in the New York subway faces danger when a curious young pigeon gets separated. The family members collaborate to get back together. Families face dangers but always find a way.




"I loved working on the Pigeons in the Subway book. It was such a rewarding process. Researching pigeons, their development, flight patterns and behavior along with the research into subway lines and stations of New York was engaging and challenging. And working with Muthu, Vlada, Eira and Emilee was such fun."
- Rachael Smith, an artist behind the book art for this story


"This is a great children's book with a lovely story and unique formatting and artwork. This would make for a lovely bedtime story. Would also be great to be used in schools to demonstrate different ways that stories can be written and illustrated. 'Stories are made to be a fabric of all of us.'"
- a customer review

"This is a great children's book, written by an amazing family. The artwork is incredible and does a great job evoking the NYC subway in a unique style. The book tells a great story for kids, and the artwork is cool enough to stand alone. Coffee table book, kids book, work of art."

- Nick, a customer review

Pigeons in the Subway

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