"Such a clever, thoughtful and touching book. My four year old tells each of her legs to wait for each other when we walk now. Tears that "meet each other at the mouth.." and the "Heart" part just melted us. This book is so much better than most out there and I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon it! Can't recommend it enough." 
- Customer review originally published on Amazon

Eira and her dad explore the dialogue between the left and right parts of one's body during their outdoor play activities. When they reach the lonely heart, Eira finds a way to bring all the parts together. 


Patrik Antczak produced the art for the book. He literally drew paper illustrations with scissors and arranged the cuts into paper sculptures.



This story started during a hike when Eira saw each leg take turns leading the other while walking. Dad saw a teaching opportunity because Eira was always switching left for right and vice versa. This became a theme, with Dad and Eira invoking various left and right body parts during their outdoor play activities. 


Eira in Action

Once Eira figured out the duality of the two sides of one's body, she proposed, eliminated and re-proposed body parts to be used in the narrative. She came up with many ideas for the dialog between the two sides. These ideas were sometimes based on memories or arose out of mundane concerns or came to her just on the spur of the moment. She debated whether the artwork should be abstract or realistic, should it take the form of paintings or photos. She was inspired by Patrik's paper sculptures. She brainstormed and helped mold the final compositions. Also, she spent a pivotal week drawing inspiration from a fashion designer to pick colors for the paper sculptures. 


Most important of all, Eira learned to be patient. She had to wait for more than a year from the beginning of the publishing process to the moment she held a hard copy in her hand. 

Left and Right

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