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Karolina Kubik - Woodpecker’s Panacea / Panaceum Dzięcioła

Updated: Jun 26

Performances by Karolina Kubik and special guests:

Jun 28 at 4 pm and Jun 29, 2024 at 3 PM. 

Where: Carter Burden Gallery, 548 W 28th St., Suite 534, NYC

Healing the urban body, an hour of acupuncture for public spaces in Chelsea.

Image © Karolina Kubik, 2022, BWA Zielona Góra/Oleksiy Sobolev @vasilisa.nezabarom

The concept of urban acupuncture appears in the context of public space regeneration through tactical, local, and precise interventions. That is why the punctures in the walls are there to stay.

"The old whisperers of Podlasie believed, just like my grandma, that God paid more attention to their prayers and that it was he who healed the chills, erysipelas, fright, curse, and the plica, called nerve, through them." - says Karolina.

How are concrete walls healed? What are they sick with? Did Grandma Irena know? What time is it on the world clock? Who is not with us? Is this the last question or is it only the first? Who has never been and who has disappeared? Who remains invisible? How are alternative behavioral models developed? Who is looking up? Who is looking down? What are temporary voluntary unions and what is the free grouping of individuals? Under what conditions is it possible to organize? How can something abstract be politically engaged?

Beautiful, full of intention, presence, and depth. — Ernest G.

Image © Karolina Kubik, 2024, NYC, Emmemm Publishing/Harry Keener/Marcin Ptaszynski

time zones

He looks at himself, at the turn of the century.

He does not see light yet, reflected in the mirror.

One, two, three, four, one, two,

He moves on the control cabinet.

He chews fox tail.

He crawls out of the cave.

To smell Egypt,

To taste,

To hear and not to hear when ants cross over his feet.

They would rather flap their wings than walk on shit.

It's too loud for the woodpecker

.. . .. .. . .. . .. ..

.. . .. .. . .. . .. ..

.. . ... .. . .. . .. .

... . .. ... . .. .

.. . .. .. .... . .. . .. .

... . ... . .. .. . .. . ..

So he imagined himself instead

Pecking at the clouds.

Surprised, are the eagle's wings when the ants are finally silent,

And they dream high.

As the century turns, he doesn't understand much.

With a knife,

He slowly cuts his house into slices.

Karolina Kubik, Puszcza Kurpiowska. Nomadic Arts Festival 2014: Between Wheat & Pine, Charciabałda

Karolina Kubik is a daughter of Bogumiła, sister of Katarzyna, and granddaughter of Irena and Czesława, a visual performance poet and anti-fascist based in Warszawa, Poland. As the recipient of the Fulbright Graduate Student Award, Kubik has graduated from Pratt Institute in their MFA in Performance and Performance Studies program (2018). She makes use of poetry, repetition, whispering, laughter, and pro-peace activism, which supplies models for new behaviors. How she communicates her art research is not narrative - she makes progress by designing a proper environment. This is a conceptual but also physical study - art is very often not even a language, but what is occurring in its field, therefore it needs to be walked as such. "A bird doesn't sing because he has an answer, he sings because he has a song." (Joan Walsh Anglund) 


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