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Dear Friends,

We would like to thank you for your support in 2023 and wish you a Happy New Year.

The EmmEmm family is spending the holidays together, in our home. We are grateful for all collaborations and creations. We are looking forward to a productive, positive and prolific 2024.

Our vision has always been that the art and the books are best experienced in juxtaposition. So, we worked in 2023 to bring a gallery show together. We are showcasing some of the original art and the artists who have collaborated with us, at the first gallery showing for EmmEmm Publishing. See the details below. You are all invited to visit!

We hope you can enjoy this time of the year with your families and wish everyone good health.

Warm wishes,

- Vlada, Muthu, Eira and Emilee


Emmemm Publishing and new in 2024 1. C'arte Exhibition

Visit us at the gallery to see the original arts of Alexis Kandra, Patrik Antczak, Sarah Bianco, Amina Akhmadeeva, Rachael Smith, and Emilee Muthu. Where: Carter Burden Gallery, Chelsea, 548 W 28th St., 5th floor, NYC

When: Opening reception Thursday Jan 4, 6-8 PM. Continues until Jan 31, 2024, Thurs. to Fri: 11-5PM, Sat: 11-6PM

2. New Arrivals

We have art to go! Lenka Srsnova has created T-shirts from the motifs in the books. We also have high-fidelity posters and stickers from the books. Check out our shop.

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