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C’ Arte Exhibition!

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Our vision has always been that the art and the books, are best experienced in juxtaposition. So, we are showcasing some of the original art and the artists who’ve collaborated with us at the Carter Burden Gallery in Chelsea, NY.

548 W 28th St. 5th floor, NYC

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, January 4, 6-8pm

Tuesday to Friday: 11-5pm, Saturday 11-6pm

January 4-31, 2024

Visit us at the gallery to see the original arts of Alexis Kandra, Patrik Antczak, Sarah Bianco, Amina Akhmadeeva, Rachael Smith, and Emilee Muthu.

Thanks to Pavel Liska, the wonderful artist we are still discovering, for designing the gallery show. 

We decided to create high-fidelity posters and sticker sheets of the art from the books, so people can enjoy the book and the art together anywhere. Also, Lenka Srsnova (thank you Lenka for the many designs we wear everyday!) has created T-shirts with motifs of art in the books. Check them out in the store or at the gallery in-person!


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