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Toddler of Arts: Year 2

Emilee created these artworks as a two-year-old toddler. Each artwork appears with Emilee's caption and a background note provided by her family. 

The Redwood Tree

and Its Friends

Eira and her dad explore friendships between a growing redwood tree and other creatures. The redwood learns from its friends but outgrows them. Eira finds a way to bring the friendships back.

squirrel thrives LR-020.jpg

A Squirrel Thrives

A little squirrel does push-ups and learns to climb a tree. But once you learn something, there is always the next thing to learn. 

sunday LR-6041.jpg

Sunday with Dad

Eira documents a seemingly ordinary day with her dad and her little sister. It is not ordinary to Eira though; it is a day of doing and learning new things, no mewling.

collaborative children's book Left and Right

Left and Right

Eira and her dad explore the dialogue between the left and right parts of one's body during their outdoor play. When they reach the lonely heart, Eira finds a way to bring all the parts together.

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