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​Emmemm Publishing, LLC is a NY and WA based publishing company, which produces children’s books that reflect true collaborations between parents and children, and that incorporate innovative multidimensional art. Each book is borne out of many family conversations. The hope is that reading these books will lead to many discussions that stir readers to personalize the narrative and experiment with the art.


The books are not about parents telling a story. Parent’s stories often contain a lesson and kids quickly see through such stories. It is not a story told by a child. In early childhood, such stories meander without glue and bones. These books are a collaboration in storytelling between parents and their child. With projects such as this, the child will grow with books while books and stories will grow with the child.

Eira in Action

Eira was involved in and contributed to nearly every aspect of producing these books from developing the story, composing the art, designing the books and eventually printing and promoting them. Her parents worked and reworked her words and collaborated with her in all of these aspects. 

The Art 

Children’s books deserve great art. EmmEmm Publishing LLC. incorporates paintings, sculptures, installation art and other art forms in the books. Participants will see the interplay between the original art and the books during our book presentations.

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